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Lochs, Isle of Lewis Dialect

Thirty years ago Gaelic speakers in each village in the Isle of Lewis had a very distinct dialect. Their ‘blas’ enabled you to pinpoint their village of birth and by their facial features could place them in a family dynasty. But in 2021, the research within the publication The Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular community, indicates that the steady decline of native Gaelic speakers, will mean that Gaelic will no longer be, a community language in the villages in Lewis, by 2031.

The Dorlach project was established in 2021 to collate the recordings of collectors who had been capturing endangered local dialects in different parts of Scotland over the last 20 years.  I would like to contribute to that collection the following recordings from Uig, Isle of Lewis.

Laraich Leurboist was a community project about Gaelic placenames in and around Leurbost in North Lochs. This 40 minute documentary filmed and edited by Kenny Macleod, features Alex Morrison taking about features at Ceann an t-Saile and Murdo Macleod at the site An Seann Sgoil (pre Education Act of 1870)

A Leantainn na Mara is a 30 min. conversation with Donald Macleod a fisherman from Maribhig in South Lochs


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