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Learning Gaelic in Scotland

Visit Scotland to improve your Gaelic?  Magaidh is a native speaking, Gaelic tutor in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland with many year’s experience.Magaidh at Gaelic Hebrides offers one to one learning sessions tailored to suit the learner’s ambitions. Conversational Gaelic for meeting other Gaelic speakers in the community or online. Struggle with vocabulary to describe yourself?  Lets practice those scenarios to enable confidence with your spoken Gaelic.  30 minute slots available Wednesday and Friday mornings

Ask about Gaelic Heritage, Gaelic songs or learm your own Gaelic story.

Magaidh lives in the Isle of Lewis on a croft  and if you are travelling in the Outer Hebrides,  accommodation at her Westend Achmore Bed and Breakfast can be included. The number of tuition hours are negotiable, depending on your own learning aspirations.  Gaelic tuition is available from October to April.

Westend Achmore is an ideal base for exploring the Isle of Lewis and Harris. Ten minutes travelling time from the port of Stornoway and ten minutes travelling time to the ancient Neolithic site at Callanish.

Here is a blog by Andrew a Gaelic Learner , who came to the Isle of Lewis Scotland, to extend his vocabulary and practice speaking Gaelic with islanders. Interesting observations on his trip to the island and his stay at Westend Bed and Breakfast Achmore.


I began learning Gaelic with the Scottish Society of Victoria. I wanted to hear Gaelic spoken in everyday situations, so I went to the Isle of Lewis . Meeting Magaidh was a real turning point in my learning journey. She introduced me to people and to island life, church and ceilidhs. This gave more purpose to my learning and made it relevant. Moran taing 

Siùsaidh à Astralia.