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Crofting Livestock and Litter Isle of Lewis

On the way from Scalpay, a brown cow I did spy
Chewing the cud happily, as I whizzed by
The butt of a plastic litre bottle protruding from her teeth
My errand not so important now, the car came to a screech. 

I rushed and shushed and in distain she looked at me
“Give us peace” her brown eyes seemed to say
Into the ditch I slid and jabbed her behind, before she
Regurgitated the bottle, as flat as it could be.

I opened the boot to hide her gum
Feeling righteous, thinking my deed was done
One last look as I drove off…blow me
She’s at it again, and I picked up another three

Plastic, clear, flat as a pancake, frayed, teeth marks, slithering saliva filled
There was a trail of plastic bottles in the ditch among the gash
Be mindful of our livestock, each one worth a few bob
Look out for Daisy and for Dora, they may have plastic in their gob.
Magaidh Smith

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