Bho Sgaile Suainabhal / Cucumber Sandwich 2013

Bho Sgaile Suainabhal Eric J MacDonald. The 15 minute Gaelic monolgue set in the Uig district of Lewis is now a short film available on the DVD Toradh

“Toffs. Well…that’s what we called them “A death by drowning at a sporting lodge on the Isle of Lewis. But was it really an accident? A farewell kiss on the cheek. Or was it something more? A 16 year old girl learns some harsh lessons about Life…and Love during a long hot summer in 1962.

The Gaelic version Bho Sgaile Suainabhal was first performed at the Gaelic drama festival Mach ann an Deich in Stornoway in May 2013. Cucumber Sandwich-The English version appeared at Over 60s groups and community events during May 2014.