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Assynt Festival A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth 2011

Live Performance of A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth by Eric J MacDonald performed at Arts Festival Lochinver in 2011

“Magaidh Smith gave a sincere and evocative performance with her reflections of a Highland Herring Girl in the monologue
” A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth”. The audience were gripped and moved from beginning to end.

The Gaelic songs added depth and further emotion to the story. The discussion and reminiscing session after the performance was greatly
appreciated generally by the audience and by a few elderly members particularly, those who had had experiences of the herring days themselves.

Magaidh gently persuaded those members of the audience to tell their tales. One lady said to me afterwards that before the evening she did not feel that anyone really cared about her experiences as they were just part of the old days.
Now she feels that she may have taken part in something of value and has been inspired to research some of her
old photographs and note down her memories so they are not lost! We will be following this up and giving her support locally.
 Thanks Magaidh, a wonderful trip back in time filled with human emotion and spirit. A real taste of the common man’s history.”