Category: Crofting Life in the Hebrides

Sabaist Mhor Wick

Sabaist Mhor Wick

I just love beul aithris stories, from Isle of Lewis Gaelic oral tradition. It is rare to have the opportunity to perform them for an audience nowadays.

Therfore, I have recorded five stories, because of the richness of the language which was handed down to me in the telling. All five stories are now uploaded to Soundcloud. Most importantly, they will be available to anyone wishing to learn local stories. Continue reading “Sabaist Mhor Wick”

Crofting Life in Isle of Lewis Uig -The Bulls

Crofting life in Uig Isle of Lewis involved looking after cattle and towing a bull to an offshore island once a year.

Every crofting family living in the Outer Hebrides, were dependent on their own cow to provide milk, butter and crowdie to supplement the family food supply. Continue reading “Crofting Life in Isle of Lewis Uig -The Bulls”