Cultural workshops

The Laraich placenames and stories project, took a new direction with story and movement workshops  at Sgoil nan Loch and Sgoil na Pairc. Led by  Ariel Killick from the Independent State of Happiness

Ariel Killick chose Na Fir Ghorma, The Blue Men of the Minch, a legend in the waters of the nearby Shiant Isles, for the Laraich performance sessions. Grateful thanks to the information in John M.MacAulay’s book Seal-Folk and Ocean Paddlers, Sliochd nan Ron.

Ariel has performed four,solo, immersive, interactive, bilingual, Gaelic theatre-in-education shows, in the last three years. And pulled off a total of twelve  Laraich workshops with the new Na Fir Gorma show for primary 1-7 in two Lochs schools. After watching the first energetic class at Sgoil nan Pairc between 9.30 and 10.15am. I bowed out!